KEYMUSIC Projects has worked on numerous projects over the years, and in this way has a lot of experience to appeal to. They are happy to share this expertise to make all your projects a success.

We take you through the entire process and ensure that customization is provided. After all, no situation is like the other, and for that reason different solutions will have to be devised for each situation. Together we sit around the drawing board to ensure that all your requirements can be met within your budget. In addition to delivering on location of the equipment, everything is carefully installed and we provide a moment to go through the operation of the installation.

Below you will find a selection of the projects recently realized by KEYMUSIC Projects.

Le Cercle, Valenciennes (FR)

Le Cercle is a bar / restaurant in Valenciennes, located in the North of France just across the Belgian border. The case has two levels. On the ground floor there is a bright and cozy room that can accommodate thirty people. The real club and lounge atmosphere we find at the bottom of the renewed basement floor. more…

‘t Zonneken Sint-Niklaas (BE)

‘t Zonneken is located just outside Sint-Niklaas and next to the restaurant it also has a southern tinted inner terrace with covered bar. Keymusic Projects provided the music installation that can control different zones, with different music sources that can be easily operated. more…

Music Venue De Kelk, Brugge (BE)

De Kelk has been a well-known bar and concert venue in Bruges for more than 100 years. After a total renovation De Kelk was reopened at the beginning of March 2017. Next to the café front crane the focus is as before back on live music in a club at the back of the pub. The room behind the café was recently completely renovated. more…

Hangtime, Oostende (BE)

Hangtime is a new recreation center in the buildings of the former Explorado in Ostend. A total experience for young and old with 1000m² trampolines and a stimulating play area for the little ones, combined with an inspiring café-bar. Keymusic Projects provided all the audio for the trampoline room and catering.

Coco Blue, Zanzibar (TZ)

On July 8, 2016, Cocoblue opened, a new club as an enrichment on Zanzibar’s limited offer in nightlife. KEYMUSIC Projects took care of the entire technical installation in this club and also advised the specialists who guarantee a spectacular show. more…

Basisschool Het Talent, Asten (NL)

KEYMUSIC Projects has worked together with primary school Het Talent in Asten to find and install exactly the right sound and lighting installation for them. We hope that the items they have purchased from KEYMUSIC Projects will contribute to the development of the pupils at this fun elementary school, and of course that they will provide a lot of fun. more…

Samplism, Eindhoven (NL)

Thanks to KEYMUSIC Projects, Samplism has managed to secure a beautiful RCF Line Array for their projects, which are well resistant to rain. After all, in the Netherlands you never know for sure what kind of weather it will be. We hope that thanks to our contribution many of their projects will be brought to a successful conclusion.

Queen Hotel, Eindhoven (NL)

To create the right atmosphere in the case, lighting is extremely important. The control of the lighting via DMX is unfortunately very complex in many cases. Keymusic Projects therefore installed the LPU 1 of Visual Productions combined with a number of atmospheric lighting solutions. This makes it possible to operate the lighting with the iPad. Simple buttons for choosing the right colors or programs and then only choosing the desired intensity. This way, the right atmosphere is set at the touch of a button for dinner or the lighting is set for a night out.